Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A New Life...?

Well moving day is fast-approaching. That's right, Matt and I are moving. Here are some things that have happened in the last little while:

- We graduated!! (Well Matt graduated and I'll be OFFICIALLY graduated when I finish a couple of online classes). We both walked in the April 2012 Commencement ceremony and are so thrilled to be done with the crazy student life.

- Working working working. Matt is working for the same company, Vivid, and will continue to do so after we move to it's headquarters in August. He does graphic design for them, and will do writing and editing for a separate part of the company called Imageworks as well. I am still working as a swim coach for OTAC and am dreading the day I leave. I LOVE my job! I am also working retail at Poco Loco swim shop where I sell swim equipment. I will only work at that job until the end of June (that will be a good day, haha!)